About K.O.

No, we don’t deliver a forceful blow to the right cheek and leave you unconscious while we take over your project. But be warned: you may experience an alternate dimension of your company, a cosmic new perspective. You may be astounded with how we helped you discover and define your purpose. And you might feel overwhelmed with the impact that K.O. Productions Media has on the positive growth of your business.

About K.O. Productions

We do everything media, everything online: brand and logo development, websites and social media, video and film production, and print and digital marketing. Whether you need one task, or an overall marketing strategy, we have the person-power and the expertise.

Diamond Johnson, CEO and Founder of K.O. Productions, LLC (our brand name) graduated from Highpoint University in North Carolina with a BA in Communications. She is a savvy entrepreneur, an advanced producer of online media, and a natural born leader. Her philosophy of Win-Win is what makes her management style so effective. Her concern is how to make the next person successful, whether they are a client, employee, affiliate or sponsor, and that is the secret to her extraordinary personal and professional success. The company is newly headquartered in Hawaii, and maintains satellite offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

K.O. Productions Media, LLC is not a conventional media company, not what you expect, and more than you could imagine. Our work is unique to each client with the goal of creating the “wow” factor in the graphics and the “want to know more” from the content and videos. We know how to define and reach your audience and how a digital platform is best set up for maximum marketing potential. We do not create mainstream TV or movie theatre films, but create our own boutique online content that is action packed and comedic, with a message that speaks to the intellect and the heart. 

When we knock on the door of opportunity, we are finding the way into the market for our clients, seeking to garner the attention of the audience and creating a call to action. We strategically knock-out competition as necessary. We knock-out innovative and high caliber work in a timely manner, and we knock the ball out of the park with ongoing home-runs, astounding the clients and audience and knocking their socks off.

K.O. Productions Media, LLC
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