Why NOW Is The Prime Time To Become An Affiliate With A Growing Film Production Company

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If you know anything about film production, music production, or any other form of media, know that it takes a solid team of companies to bring a huge project together. The beauty about these production projects is that it can have the potential to give back to the community. For example: feature films that film in real-life locations usually film local businesses that nobody’s heard of yet. Movie-goers who see these locations remember them from the film; thus bringing popularity to local communities that were once an afterthought. This causes local businesses to boom and sales to increase in small businesses within that region. The same ordeal goes for music production! Well-known musicians and recording artists who hold their concerts in local communities that were unheard of, at first, bring local awareness to that community. Concert-goers flock to that community not only to listen to the musician; but to also dine before — or after — the concert, or go shopping for gifts and souvenirs to remember the occasion! But before all of that can even take place, an affiliation, or partnership, with these companies and other companies — like Coca-Cola and Nike — must come in agreement with the media production company. Sure, these partnerships may be just for the production and filmmaking/concert process.

However, an affiliation with a film company is absolutely essential; especially with one that is growing! If small businesses today had the opportunity to be a part of Marvel Studio’s productions and films while it was in its beginning stages, small businesses will have a flock of customers and clientele on a daily basis. Why? Because having your businesses featured with a media production company and its production projects is the best form of advertisement out there!

Have you considered partnering with a growing film and multimedia production company? Then, consider partnering with K.O. Productions Media! K.O. Productions Media has been giving back to the community by aiding small business owners and freelance artists/entrepreneurs with their video marketing and social media marketing and management needs. Take a look at LifeTime Inspirations App, for example! Within less than a year of the devotional app’s release, the creators of the app have not only received an award nomination for Spoken Word of the Year; but they have also been interviewed exclusively on WATC TV 57’s Friends and Neighbors program (viewable on Sky Angel Network and YouTube). Now, LifeTime Inspirations is a small startup that is growing into an inspirational network!

And that’s just one example of K.O. Productions Media’s mission: to help small businesses and freelance artists grow their careers with video marketing, social media marketing, and other forms of digital marketing. In fact, right now is the time to be affiliated with K.O. Productions Media. They are offering an Affiliate Program that is second-to-none! Within the Affiliate Program, small businesses and freelance artists who join get the following Member benefits:

  1. The First 3 months of Membership free
  2. Exclusive Member Discounts (up to 60% off) on all media production and marketing services provided by K.O. Productions Media
  3. First-Come-First-Serve reservation of booths at any of our promotional events
  4. Member products featured on our E-Commerce Store
  5. Discounts on any K.O. Productions Media Products (Coming soon to E-Commerce store)
  6. Locked-In Film Production Partnership with advertising on all feature film production and music production (Coming soon)

And this is just the beginning of all of the benefits K.O. Productions Media Affiliate Program has to offer. Join now to receive these benefits: https://goo.gl/forms/uj7sXXhjtXVMdEc02

Just remember this: K.O. Productions Media has decided to have only 50 spots available for this exclusive program. Sign up now to lock in your spot!

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