Video Production & Marketing that kicks!

Commercials, promotional videos, infomercials, and animated videos is how K.O. Productions Media got started! We now offer the full spectrum of media services including: video marketing, music recording, logo design, branding, print design, web design, & more!

Video Marketing

Our roots are in film production, with a specialty in filming and editing promotional videos for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and authors.

Music Recording

Music Recordings have been the driving force behind K.O. Productions Media’s film and music project success!

Logo Design

Logo Design and Branding goes hand-in-hand. Both components are necessary to build any size business be it small or large!

Print Design

Since 2015, K.O. has aided clients in creating flyers, pamphlets, business cards, and surveys for professional business events.

Social Media

Our most popular service ever! Our team of social media experts are dedicate d to building social media pages for clients who need to build a prominent customer base.

Web Design

K.O. works directly with our clients on their website design. We will design graphics and help our clients by providing a beautiful web design.

Working with K.O.

The K.O. Productions Media Video Marketing Department continues to create unique and professional videos for any business owner or creator. We love the process of getting to know our clients. Click the button below to get started with K.O. Productions!

Meet The Team

K.O. Productions Media, LLC is not a conventional media company, not what you expect, and more than you could imagine. Our work is unique to each client with the goal of creating the “wow” factor in the graphics and the “curious-to-know-more” from the content and videos.



Since the start of her college career, Diamond Johnson built K.O. Productions with the goal of sparking a creative revolution in the media industry. Her background in film production, Music production, and entrepreneurship allow her to pursue her own legacy. 

Fun fact: She likes anime and brownies.





As a fellow business partner (and good friend of Diamond Johnson), Marielle Mueller excels in spreadsheets (no pun intended) and organization. She shares the same vision of Creative Empowerment with K.o. Production clients and Future K.o. Team Members.

Fun fact: She enjoys being “punny”.

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K.O. is now on Patreon not only as a band of creators; but also a supporter of other creators! Support us on Patreon and unlock exclusive content not shown on this site or our blog!

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